About us

Short story

The Urbannis brand was created by visionary designer Vitaly Yaakov in 2104 as part of a self-exploration journey. Inspired by love, little moments of joy, music, nature and art-induced adrenaline highs.
The designs reflect vibes from different cultures, languages, colors and messages of the metropolitan life-style from around the world.


We believe that deep-thinking and constant dreaming create an open mindset.
Our vision is to harmoniously connect all those emotions and vibes through visual messages as natural subconscious journeys.

Quality as a quality

To maintain high quality, manufacturing processes are closely monitored from the first design draft to the last stitch.

Love brings growth

Urbannis is growing out of the Tel-Aviv metropolitan with much love from our designers, painters and photographers that grow independently as the cannabis plant does.

Global message

We design, create, and trade around the world with the message of freedom through art.

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